Can you please explain the different between a license and a subscription?

Modified on Tue, 23 Jan 2024 at 03:21 PM

When you purchase a subscription from us you get a subscription license.  What this means is the following:


This is what is used by our payment processor and our website.  When you login to our website (at the top where the little person icon is), this is your store account and your subscription management account.  This shows when the subscription will be re-charged.  You also have the ability to cancel your subscription here and alter the payment address, method, and username/password.


License is a completely different thing.  It has its own username and password.  Your license is what is used to log into the software itself and use the subscription you paid for.  Using our license management portal (at the top of the website).  You can view your license expiration date and see if they are active or not.  You can also edit your username and password that is used to LOGIN TO THE SOFTWARE.

Use the company code "deflight".

If you are unable to retrieve it or get into your licensing portal.  Please submit a support ticket or get support via our discord server in the licensing channel.