I just purchased a subscription and it still shows not activated on the software?

Изменено Tue, 23 Jan 2024 на 06:56 PM

Our software activates your license when you sign into it.  Your subscription license is active when you purchase it and the countdown starts when you start the software.

If you transitioned from 2.1 to 2.2 your license was automatically transferred.  However, since only the software can activate it, it will show "INACTIVE" until you activate it.  This is NORMAL.

If you have 2 subscriptions at the same time active the software will not be able to recognize this.  We have put in blocks to not allow this to happen.  However, if it does please contact us.

Furthermore, your SUBSCRIPTION is through our website.  This is the payment processor. Your LICENSE is your actual software license which is managed by the license management portal.  They are completely different things.

This is explained in detail here: Difference between Subscription And License.

Subscription Management

License Management