How will I know when my subscription ends/reactivates?

Modificado em Tue, 23 Jan 2024 na (o) 03:38 PM

We have an expiration date on our software that will indicate when your license will end.  At this time your subscription will be automatically charged and your license expiration will extend.  You will also receive an email from us to inform you of the upcoming charge.  This takes place within 24 hours so there is nothing you need to do.  If you decide to no longer use your subscription, you have 24 hours to use the software before it will no longer work with your current subscription.

You can also take a look at your license information by going to our license management portal.  This will provide you with an expiration date as well.

We have a license management system in place.  Click on the link below and use the company code "deflight".  Here, you can view your licenses and change your password/user login.

If you are unable to retrieve it or get into your licensing portal.  Please submit a support ticket or get support via our discord server in the licensing channel.