VSpeed call outs not working?

Zmodyfikowano dnia Tue, 16 Jan 2024 o 06:15 PM

So, first and foremost, you must have our Standard subscription in order to use them. 

When entering your VSpeeds, once your FCU shows the "Speed Dot", this is when the program triggers a query to get that information.  If you are not seeing your speed dot then they will not load.

In order to confirm they were loaded properly.  Go to the Options page in settings and where it says VSpeeds.  You should see all three in RED.  If you do not then they did not load properly.  If you are using the Fenix aircraft.  You can do a manual refresh by pressing and holding either the CS or the FO Baro knob for 5 seconds.  When it says "Done" on the Baro display.  Check your VSpeeds again.  If they are there in RED then you are ready to go.

Also, it is important you have the correct sound files loaded.  They are located in \ProgramData\De Flight\Skalarki Driver\Sounds.  You should see a v1, v2, and vr wav file.  These are loaded with the installer.  If you do not see them you can contact us or reinstall the software.

Note, you can use any .wav file you wish as long as the name is the same as above.