Skalarki Driver 2.2.2 Known Issues

Modificato il Tue, 23 Jan 2024 alle 03:37 PM

  • From time to time the RMP encoders go in reverse.  This is a Skalarki issue and it will not be fixed anytime soon.  In order to easily fix it turn the inner and outer knob at the same time to get back into sync.
  • FBW Does not respond to some commands the first time.  We see this primarily on the heading encoder.  This is due to FBW and nothing to do with the driver.  It has been tested multiple times with different equipment.  This does not appear to happen with any other planes at all.
  • Fenix ATC Transponder sometimes shows a blank space in first space and Fail LED does not work.  This is because of Skalarki and for some reason they are tied together,.  At this time there is no way to fix it except hitting Clear on the ATC panel.  I would complain to Skalarki as it is not normal.
  • Fenix sometimes shows all Zeros on all panels.  This seems to happen when plane is restarted and not brought to main menu.  An easy fix is to restart the Fenix App or the flight.
  • Left Throttle Disconnect sometimes gets stuck.  This is an issue with the circuitry on the actual throttle.  Easy fix it to hit it twice.
  • Sometimes when loading into the flight the OVHD flickers and/or Battery displays.  This is normal and corrects itself when the plane is loaded.