Skalarki Driver Version 2.2.5

Modified on Fri, 08 Mar 2024 at 12:55 PM

Version 2.2.5

  • Fixed displays not working for users outside United States.
  • Fixed Rudder trim display
  • Fixed long haul flights causing crashes.

Version 2.2.4

  • Fixed Baro Encoder not sending commands at times.
  • Added Custom OVHD option for users with Custom OVHD.  Do not use if you do not own a Custom OVHD.

Version 2.2.3

  • Complete recoding of how license is synced to software.
  • Added ability to reset license via the login screen.
  • Fixed issue for some users not able to login after first login.
  • Fixed issue for some users not able to activate their subscription.

Version 2.2.2

  • Fixed Flaps not calibrating properly for some users.  All users will need to recalibrate their flaps.
  • Changed Flaps to Switches and not axis.  Debugger will now show flaps as switches and no longer axis values.
  • Fixed dead zones of flaps in detents to avoid flaps skipping detents.
  • Fixed Trial timer not showing actual timeout.

Version 2.2.1

  • Fixed issue with FCU constantly refreshing with users that have FCU subscription

Version 2.2.0


New license system 

  • Single sign on, no more keys. Everything is under a singular account.
  • Subscriptions are enabled. Please review subscription pricing and differences on our website and how to purchase.
  • All licenses are NO LONGER key based. Once you login, the software will check your subscription status and custom plane status and activate it automatically. There is nothing more to do. Once it is activated the subscription period begins.
  • Customers can access their license at any time via our license management system.
  • All licenses have been converted to the new system. Therefore, all licenses used pre 2.2 will be removed and deactivated. They are all converted from KEYS to USER/password. If you are having trouble logging in, go to our new license management page.


UPDATED TO .NET 8.0 RUNTIME. This will update with the installer but if it does not you will need to install it manually. 


Trial Changes 

  • Trial is now automatically enabled when you first use the software. There is not a separate key for it.
  • The trial only lasts 60 minutes per session for 3 days, timer is shown within the subscription menu.
  • All trials have been reset for all users so they can use it again if they wish.


New Login Screen 

  • User sign on screen with ability to reset your password.
  • Provides more information when your trial is ending.
  • Comes up to indicate if your license is valid and passed.


New subscription screen 

  • Provides a visual indicator of what subscription you have and when it will expire.
  • Provides ability to refresh subscription when you purchase it.
  • Provides an explanation of what your subscription provides and does not.
  • Custom planes option is now automatically activated if you purchase it.


Important changes made to how the program works. 

  • Trial/Free Subscription users cannot use Panel Dimming, VSpeed announcements, or custom planes.
  • Trial users cannot activate or use subscriptions.
  • FCU Subscription users cannot use Panel Dimming or VSpeed announcements.
  • Backlights are now disabled when using a plane/hardware not included in your subscription. On the main menu they are enabled.


Support/Ticket Changes 

  • Based on subscription you will receive different levels of support.


Bug Fixes 

  • Fixes issue with some panels not initializing properly.
  • Fixed FBW heading display going to "0-1" when going to Managed.
  • Fixed FBW Warning/Caution LEDs not working.
  • Fixed multiple crashes, specifically use of the throttle was crashing the application.
  • Additional fixes to Fenix displays locking up. Added ability for end-user to refresh, see additional features.
  • Fixed issue with Arm Spoilers not being in correct position upon startup.
  • Fixed LED issues throughout. Some were not engaging.
  • Fixed Flaps sometimes do not engage properly.
  • Fixed issue with Main setup window hiding for no reason.
  • Fixed issue with levers (throttle, speed brake, etc.) not calibrating properly and being erratic.
  • Improved responsiveness on Encoders with FBW. Still a big laggy but blame them.
  • Fixed issue with Baro Knob on FBW not going to STD at times.
  • Fixed GLARE requiring some buttons to be double hit.
  • Fixed GLARE Speed Encoder turning the Heading encoder.
  • Fixed switches and buttons not recalling correctly.
  • Fixed Landing Elev on OVHD on FBW.
  • Fixed ISIS Panel.


Motor Changes 

  • Motor locks if the engine is not on. This makes sure you do not move the trim wheel until Engines are on, like the real plane.
  • Added Motor going to 0 (or where you set it) when you land and then unlocking.
  • Added Motor going to 0 (or where you set it) when you go to main menu after flying.
  • Motor can be turned On/Off via software which will negate all above changes.
  • Smoothed out Motor movements.
  • FBW trim wheel is more accurate.
  • Added ZERO set to calibrations, this is ONLY used to tell the motor where to go when initializing (Above feature set). This has NO effect on the actual plane's Zero location. This way you can make it go to whatever you want when initialing and/or landing.
  • Calibration now shows -4 and 13.5 It is ESSENTIAL it is calibrated exactly at those locations on the wheel. Skalarki has a 1-2% overage which causes the wheel to be off by 1-2% as well.



Additional Features 

  • New Pop Out helper to show customers where the application is run from.
  • Added Calibration Reset Button. Resets to defaults.
  • UI Changes and color changes throughout.
  • Added Backlighting now Syncs (one way, from Hardware to Sim) with the simulator. You have the option to disable this.
  • Reset license has been altered to reset all your license and subscriptions all at once.
  • The info screen now shows your order ID instead of your Key.
  • Added ability to swap CS and FO TerrHD buttons.
  • Added new ability via the FCU/EFIS to refresh the Fenix Display. This is done by pressing and holding the BARO Knob on either CS/FO for 5 seconds. It will fix the Fenix lock up (displays going to 0 for example) if it occurs. It will indicate "DONE" on the window to indicate the refresh went through.
  • Complete overhaul of Logging system. It is clearer and better to understand.
  • Removed Re-Init buttons as people did not use them right.
  • Enabled support for all incoming planes to be released. TBA.
  • Added notification to inform and user when recalling is taking place.
  • Added Clearer understanding of Debug Console.
  • Added "Dome Lights" switches to interface for people without an OVHD. However, it can also be used for people with an OVHD that are using the Dome switches to control actual lights. This way you can turn on the Dome lights inside the plane as well. This option is only available for people with Subscriptions.
  • Initialization of Ready to Fly is much improved and quicker.
  • Changes to notifications, now provides status when ready to fly (everything has been recalled and plane state is ready).
  • VSpeed callouts now show the current VSpeed that is entered into the MCDU and states it is ready to callout.


Version 2.1.5

  • Fixed MCDU not initializing for some users.
  • Fixed WX Brightness knob on Pro Brightness panel.
  • Fixed Backlights staying on when AC/DC is selected.


Version 2.1.4

  • Completed reprogrammed all LEDs.
  • Fixed LEDs going out of sync at times.
  • Fixed LEDs sometimes turn on when not supposed to.
  • Fixed LEDs turning on when they are supposed to turn off and vice versa.
  • Improved responsiveness on LEDs on OVHD.
  • Fixed issue with Annunciator Test switch sometimes not going back to normal when users so not have OVHD.
  • Added Rudder Trim window dashes on Fenix.
  • Improved TQ Throttles going to correct place on startup.
  • Fixed VOR1/VOR2 Volume on ACP in Fenix.
  • Fixed Baro going to 0 for some users.
  • Further improvements to Fenix lock ups.


Version 2.1.3

  • Fixed RMP Switch LED/Display issues with FBW.
  • Fixed VS turning on automatically on Fenix when turning Encoder midflight.
  • Fixed Annunciator Test lights on FBW.
  • Fixed ACP Lights not corresponding on FBW with Power Switch.


Version 2.1.2

  • Fixed RMP displays not updating with Power Switch.
  • Fixed high CPU Usage for users without OVHD.


Version 2.1.1

  • Fixed high CPU Usage issue for some users.
  • Fixed sometimes Vspeed Callouts were not being saved with Fenix.
  • Fixed flickering on Displays when entering VSpeed values on Fenix for some users.
  • Fixed VSpeed callouts not working if you do a touch and go or turn around.



Version 2.1.0



  • 2.1.0 brings an exciting new feature!  Both the Fenix (beta), FBW, and all planes going forward will automatically callout your V1, Vr,and V2!
  • Added New options page and added V1,Vr,V2 checkmarks to disable and enable the callouts.
  • Added Callouts volume so end user can adjust the volume of them independently.
  • Currently these .wav files reside in the x:\ProgramData\DeFlight\Skalarki SA Driver\Sounds folder.  You can make them anything you wish if you keep the exact same name, and it must be a .wav file.


  • Fenix Display lock ups have been eliminated completely now (crossing fingers).
  • Fixed RMP displays not showing up if app is restarted midflight.
  • Fixed Motor not coming back on if app is restarted midflight.
  • Motor now goes to 0 and shuts off when flight has ended or app is closed.
  • Fixed sometimes Rudder trim display on Fenix not working.
  • Added Pop-Up message when USB Initialization has failed. which prompts user to restart application.
  • Fixed some USB devices not engaging properly. When restarted in midflight.


Version 2.0.9

  • Removed updater for 1.2.6.  If you are using 1.2.6 you will need to update manually.
  • Removed support for all 1.0 versions.
  • Continued improvements to Fenix Display not locking up. 
  • Added ERROR wording if USB device fails to initialize properly.  A simple unplug and plug back in should fix it and then hitting "Re-Init".
  • Fixed when updating app settings get erased (Going forward, you will still need to redo them on 2.0.9).
  • Fixed USB Devices sometimes not initializing properly.
  • Fixed Popup window showing wrong devices disconnected.
  • Fixed Install/Remove not always working for some users.


Version 2.0.8

  • Continued improvements to Fenix Display not locking up.  This has been reprogrammed again.
  • Added "New FCU" checkbox in the Panels page which enables the use of the New FCU displays.
  • Added USB disconnection error management.  Whenever a USB device fails to connect you will be provided a warning to restart the application.
  • Fixed some encoders requiring double clicking on Counter-Clockwise direction.
  • Fixed Backlights not turning off when entering main menu and you have   AC/DC selected as backlights mode.
  • Fixed taskbar icon sometimes not opening application when clicking or double clicking.
  • Fixed sometimes RMP LEDs all turning on when not supposed to.


Version 2.0.7

  • Further improvements on Fenix displays to not cut out during specific power scenarios.
  • Adjusted timing on Power Switch of RMP to allow it to correctly turn off and on display on Fenix.
  • Fixed issue with App locking up when trying to disconnect in Main Menu.
  • Fixed issue with external view and pushback causing app to stop functioning.
  • Adjusted values on HF1 and HF2 of RMP to be more realistic.
  • Fixed Bat 2 sometimes being Blank on OVHD in Fenix.
  • Fixed Displays not coming up when first loading in due to Fenix not being ready.
  • Fixed crash when loading into Fenix and the Fenix is not ready.
  • Additional improvements to try and eliminate all display lock ups on Fenix.  Tested with 4-hour flight and no issues were apparent at this time.
  • Further optimizations of engine to APU transitions of power on Fenix.


Version 2.0.6

  • Fixed RMP displays not displaying on Fenix when switch was off before powering up plane and then turning switch to On.
  • Added additional buffering to Proline Glare to allow encoders to work correctly.
  • Fixed ATC display going blank when switching from Engines on to APU on Fenix.
  • Fixed everything going blank for some users when turning off Battery on Fenix.
  • Fixed everything going blank for some users when going to external view.
  • Fixed TQ and Lower levers not going to correct location when starting up the plane and syncing the hardware.
  • Fixed Speed Brake Arming spoilers when starting up the app.
  • Reworked Fenix Display refreshing to eliminate lockups during flight.


Version 2.0.5

  • Fixed calibrations not saving.







Version 2.0.4


Skalarki ProfilerIO

  • No longer needs ProfilerIO to function. The driver is completely Standalone as intended. ProfilerIO should be closed while using driver.
    • De Flight now provides separate USB Drivers. You will need to replace them via the installer to use the application.
    • We have provided an installer/uninstall for De Flight drivers via the application. Please note, that when using the De Flight drivers, ProfilerIO will no longer function and vice versa. Meaning you have the option to uninstall and install them.
    • We have also provided a folder with the USB driver in the application folder so you can manually install them as well.
    • Because of this we encourage all users to keep SA driver versions below 2.0 if you wish to not have to uninstall and reinstall every time you want to switch simulators.


Plane Installation

  • All Plane Add-ons are installed by default. No longer need to install them separately. You will need to uninstall any add-on planes you installed before updating to 2.0.0.
  • All Updates are now installed including Plane Add-ons from the main program.


Main Window

  • Now shows the current plane that is running and installed.
  • Removed Skalarki as it is no longer needed.


Calibration Page

  • Added Trim Wheel to Calibration
  • Added Ability to disable Motor completely. Grays out if you do not have TQ.
  • Added Dead zone adjustment for All Axis (0-10).
  • Added Values inside Bars to show the current value.
  • Grays out and disables Calibration for hardware not connected.
  • Added reverse checkmarks to reverse levers direction.


Backlights Page

  • Added LED/Display dimming option.
  • Added Auto/Manual Dimming option.
  • Grays out and disables backlighting for hardware not connected.
  • Auto (default) option uses the planes “Int Lights Ann” switch to dim and brighten dimmers. Manual will bypass this and allow full control of the dimming.
  • **Please Note, dimming will not work for GLARE/MCDU due to limitations and the dimming is done via a knob in the back**.


Planes Page

  • Removed “Installed” indication as now planes are automatically installed.
  • Added option to enable and disable Custom plane.
  • Enabled activations for all planes instead of coming soon.
  • Updated command lists for FBW and Fenix.



  • Shows which Skalarki panels are connected and ready.
  • Ability to re-initialize Panels that are not communicating for any reason individually.
  • Ability to disable (default) and enable WX panel on ECAM and disable CS/FO Lighting brightness panels on MIP.


Debug Page

  • More clear text to show what is happening in real time.
  • Shows what plane is loaded and running in RED.
  • Shows hardware ready status.
  • Added Coding to errors as explained in troubleshooting section of the manual.
  • Ability to just show Skalarki info and just show sim info.


Plane Changes

  • Added “v” next to Battery display on OVHD like the real plane.
  • Added Fault LEDs to FLTCTL and Wing Ice LED on FBWA32NX.
  • Added Trim wheel control to FBWA32NX.


Misc Improvements

  • The top of setup page moves the entire Setup menu in conjunction with the move button.
  • Significant improvements to initialization.
  • Improvements to allow for restarting plane or closing app during flight and restarting application.
  • Improved all LEDs/Displays turning off when app is closed, flight has ended, and/or Sim has closed.
  • Significant improvements to encoder speed and precision.


Bug Fixes

  • Application has been re-written from the ground up. Most, if not all bugs have been fixed.
  • Fixed issue with lock ups during flight when using Fenix.
  • Fixed issue with Motor not correctly going to correct place during flight.
  • Fixed issue with Fenix values not correctly being displayed after long flights.
  • Fixed encoder speed and laggy responsiveness.
  • Fixed encoders sometimes do not go the correct direction.
  • Added additional padding to dead zones on Axis so they do not send multiple signals causing application to lock up.
  • Reworked Fenix connection to be more reliable.


Version 1.2.6

  • Fixed TQ Motor is not activated for some users.
  • Fixed Multiple hang ups while flying due to the Motor not working.
  • Fixed OVHD EXT Lights panel not seeing correct values.


Version 1.2.5

  • Fixed Fenix crashes when using ET on Clock midflight.
  • Fixed Fenix crashes when ET passes 1 hour.
  • Added further logging on Fenix crashes.
  • Added additional refreshing of Fenix values to avoid hang ups.


Version 1.2.4

  • Added ability to make custom plane files.


Version 1.2.3

  • Minor UI Fixes


Version 1.2.2

  • Fixed Autobrake panel not working.
  • Fixed Crashes and FPS Hits when flying with Fenix or starting the app after you have hit ready to fly with Fenix.
  • Fixed throttles not going to max reverse properly.


Version 1.2.1

  • Fixed Fenix displays are not updating for some people.


Version 1.2.0

  • Initial release